OBITUARY: Sandra Fulton Potts


Sandra Fulton Potts passed away at her home in Charlotte, Tennessee on Friday, February 3, 2023 after battling cancer for over a year.

She was a long-time resident of East Baton Rouge Parish where she served for thirty-five years as a high school teacher and guidance counselor.

Sandra leaves behind her husband of fifty years, Jerry; and sons, Eric and Gabriel.

The family would like to thank Sandra’s relatives, friends and co-workers who have followed her along this journey by way of visits, phone calls, cards, gifts and online posts journaling her experiences. We are also thankful for our church family from FBC of Dickson, TN who showered Sandra with many expressions of love. All of you became earthly ministering angels sent from above!

Sandra’s wishes did not include funeral or memorial services. For her, to be absent from the body meant that she would be present with the Lord! What more could anyone ask or hope for?


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