11 Grilling Tips For The 2021 Summer


By Clark Shelton, Editor

The heat is on and weekend celebrations of graduation followed by Memorial Day weekend are on! Boats are gonna be on the water. Kids are gonna be screamin’ how bored they are. Momma ain’t gonna feel like cookin’.

We have compiled 11 tips for those who love to grill.

Grilling Tips

  1. Use Metal Utensils- NOT Plastic
  2. Oil your grate- Some say before you light. Personally, I Like to get my grate hot, and wire brush it first to get it good and clean. Then I take a paper towel soaked in vegetable or olive oil in my tongs and LIGHTLY rub oil on the grate. Never started a fire this way. Can’t say some of y’all won’t.
  3. If you have to use lighter fluid wait at least 10 minutes. I suggest buying a chimney starter. It burns cleaner and gets the coals hotter quicker.
  4. Cover it- Don’t Drown it! : See that water bottle you brought out for flare-ups? Use it to spray down the kids. If you have flare-ups just cover your grill until they die down.
  5. DO NOT Constantly flip your burger.
  6. Cook your chicken over low heat, plan on taking your time
  7. For best results, cook pork and beef on high heat and ideally only flip 2-4 times.
  8. Some folks like to cut their veggies and wrap in foil. About 5 minutes after I light the coals, I place whole onions (skin on) and corn on the cob (husk on) directly on the grill over the hot spot to start. Turning once every 10 minutes for the first 20, then if you need room for meat, adjust. You will get a burnt look outside. But, the veggies are cooking in their own juices. Once soft to the touch they are done. Open carefully!
  9. Chicken and Pork- Keep that sauce rolling! Especially chicken! About 5 minutes before you feel your chicken is done, put an extra sauce slop over it to give it a nice glaze.
  10. Let it sit- Take your meat off the grill- and leave it alone for a couple of minutes. Cutting into it as soon as you pull it off releases all those juices and flavors you worked so hard maintain.
  11. Hot Dogs- I like a good crisp hot dog- Y’all know the kind that is crispy and a Lil charred on the outside, and then juicy, burn the roof of your mouth good on the inside. Start your dogs on the “cool side” of the grill. Flipping once for 2 minutes. Then place it over the hottest part of the grill. Keep rollin’ until they reach that desired level of done-ness. If you cut them halfway or “spiral” I will come over and smack you for letting all that wonderful flavor waste.

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