4 Benefits of Tea Theaflavins

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4 Benefits of Tea Theaflavins
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You’ve heard tea is good for you, particularly for your cholesterol. And it is. But how? And are there more benefits beyond just cholesterol? Absolutely! While lowering bad cholesterol is certainly a benefit of tea theaflavins, there are plenty of reasons to take it, even if your cholesterol is just fine.

Antioxidant Support

Antioxidants are found in many fresh fruits and vegetables and are an important part to maintaining internal and external health, as well as combating common signs of aging. They literally fight (anti-) the oxidative stress at the cellular level caused by free radicals.

Theaflavins found in tea serve as antioxidants. This has the potential to improve the appearance of skin and hair, along with numerous other internal benefits.

Digestive Support

The digestive system is sometimes underrated. Good “gut health” can be an indicator and contributor to overall wellness. After all, a great deal of the body’s immunity is found in the digestive system. Hormones, the messengers of the body, are also created in the gut. (That’s why we talk about “gut feelings.”)

The powerful combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms found in tea theaflavins can provide digestive support, including reducing stomach ulcers. In fact, studies have shown theaflavins to be as effective as the drug omeprazole at controlling ulcers – in a natural, drug-free way.

Heart Health Support

While cholesterol levels play a role in the health of your cardiovascular system, theaflavins benefit the heart in other ways as well. Theaflavins can help maintain a healthy heart rhythm and improve blood flow by encouraging blood vessels, particularly arteries, to relax.

If you are subject to irregular heart rhythms, adding a supplement with tea theaflavins could help reduce the frequency of events.

Please consult a physician before using supplements to manage heart health conditions.

Cholesterol Support

Theaflavins have long been recognized as a natural way to lower LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. But how do they work? They are believed to offer a two-part benefit, both inhibiting the liver producing cholesterol and the absorption of the cholesterol in the intestines.

Theaflavin Supplements for Well-Rounded Wellness

As you can see, the impressive compound tea theaflavin can help manage so many different aspects of overall wellness. But who has time to drink 35 cups of tea every day? That’s how much you would have to drink to consume the same amount of theaflavin found in two easy-to-take Soltea softgels. It’s never been so easy to stay well.

Don’t live with a broken heart…take Soltea every morning instead.

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