5 Weekly Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer

By Peek Pools and Spas

5 Weekly Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer

A private backyard pool is an excellent way to enjoy family and friends this summer while beating the heat and getting great exercise. Keep your pool ready for fun with these five simple weekly maintenance tips. These little steps can make a big difference in keeping the pool in good shape and reducing the risk of shutting down for larger, more expensive repairs.

Skim It

Regular skimming of your pool removes debris such as leaves and makes it a more pleasant place to hang out. Plus, skimming increases water circulation and reduces the amount of chemicals in the water. Use a hand or leaf skimmer at least twice a week to keep it cleaner.

Run a Vacuum

Who knew you could vacuum a pool? Using a pool vacuum gets hard-to-reach debris that may sink. You can do this with a manual vacuum or use an automated, self-functioning vacuum that is set to run on a schedule. If you use a manual, make sure you run it weekly. Much like vacuuming a carpet, run the machine in an overlapping pattern and empty and clean the filter.

Check the Filter

The filter’s job is to remove debris and keep the pool water clean and clear. Check the filter regularly to make sure it isn’t clogged. Clean it to ensure your water doesn’t become murky or gunky. Keeping it clean and checking it can also ensure the filter pressure is operating efficiently.

Keep Chemicals Balanced

Proper pH levels are critical for pool health and the safety of the swimmers. Too much chlorine and other chemicals can sting eyes and skin and have a corrosive effect on pumps, ladders and handrails. With insufficient chlorine levels you risk algae, germs and bacteria. The ideal pH balance is 7.4. Use pH test kits and strips to keep a close eye on levels, monitoring at least a couple of times a week if not daily. Balance and adjust the chemicals as needed or get on our schedule for regular servicing and maintenance.

Check Water Levels

Water evaporates in heat, and Middle Tennessee summers have plenty of heat! If your pool water level isn’t maintained automatically, check it regularly. Remember, if the water level drops too much, filters cannot function properly. Simply refill with the garden hose back to the necessary level and rebalance the chemicals.

Easy Maintenance or Easier Maintenance

While maintaining your pool may not sound terribly complicated or time consuming, it still may be more than you want to do. If you have questions, need chemicals or equipment, or want to make your job even easier by letting us handle it, reach out to Peek Pools at 615-866-8800.

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