8.2 Earthquake Rocks Alaska Peninsula


Last night at approximately 10 P.M., a large earthquake recorded with an 8.2 magnitude occurred right off of the Alaska Peninsula. According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Earthquake Center, this was “the largest earthquake in 50 years.” 

The earthquake was around 30 km deep and throughout the night, there continued to be aftershocks with 6.0 magnitude earthquakes continuing throughout the peninsula. As this was such a large magnitude, the aftershocks will continue to be felt and have the potential to cause damage. 

The last time an earthquake was at this magnitude was back in 1965 when an 8.7 magnitude struck. The earthquake that occurred last night is 1.0 magnitude shy from the Great Alaska Earthquake that happened in 1964, sitting at 9.2. 

There was a Tsunami Advisory in effect when the 8.2 struck, but NOAA and the National Weather Service declared that the advisory has since been canceled and there are currently no tsunami concerns.


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