Boating Safety Tips


With the first of the Summer holidays approaching, boating safety is important. Whether on a sailboat or a kayak, even if water skiing you need to know the rules of the water.

Here are some helpful tips and links we have put together for you:

  • Wear a life jacket- Find one comfy, and also make sure it is made for your weight.
  • Be familiar with the boating state laws
  • Know the “Rules of the Road”
  • Boats should have a fire extinguisher aboard.
  • Have plenty of hydrating beverages (beer and wine are not in this category)
  • Have plenty of sunscreen
  • Skiers and tubers always have a spotter in the boat, and go over basic hand signals
  • Wait for the propeller to stop before getting back on the boat
  • Don’t drink and boat
  • If you HEAR thunder , get off the water ASAP

Canoe and Kayakers and Paddle Boarders

  • Besides the above, if you are going to take to the paddle, know your limits. It’s not just about where you are going, it’s also about getting back. Know what your body can handle.
  • Take a safety course that teaches how to recover should you fall , flip or turnover.

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