City of Dickson Updating Stormwater Management Plan


The City of Dickson is in the process of adopting an updated Stormwater Management Plan as mandated by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

The plan may be reviewed upon request or comments may be submitted by completing the form on the city’s MS4 Stormwater Management page here.

There are six components of the Stormwater Management Program:

  • Public Education
  • Public Participation
  • Illicit Discharge and Elimination
  • Construction Site Stormwater Runoff
  • Permanent Stormwater Management
  • Municipal Good Housekeeping for Pollution Prevention

The updated plan will be presented at the Jan. 17, 2023, meeting of the Dickson Planning Commission.

For more information, contact Stormwater Coordinator Horace Perkins IV at (615) 441-9508 or [email protected]


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