City of Dickson Urges Caution with Heat at Playgrounds

Photo: City of Dickson

The City of Dickson Parks and Recreation Department reminds parents that high temperatures can impact the surfaces of play areas and equipment.

As Summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise, adults taking children to any playgrounds should be aware that high temperatures and the sun can make the metal and plastic of equipment and the concrete and turf playground surfaces hot to skin contact.

While the city’s parks facilities will remain open regular hours as temperatures rise, Parks and Recreation Superintendent Cherie Wilson warns parents to take precautions for children playing outside anywhere and at the playgrounds, especially the Splash Pad and Playground at Henslee Park.

“Under hot conditions, the surfaces and structures at the parks can get extremely hot,” Wilson cautioned. “The concrete of the Splash Pad and the artificial turf surface of the Playground can get extremely hot to children’s feet. We urge everyone getting out to enjoy our facilities to keep this in mind and urge all children to wear sneakers or creek shoes to protect their feet and use caution on all metal and plastic surfaces.”
Wilson also emphasized the importance of remaining hydrated while working or playing in the heat.

“Cooling off in the Splash Pad is a great relief from the heat but it’s also important to take care on the inside with plenty of water,” Wilson said. “Don’t drink sugary beverages or caffeine as they actually cause water loss in the body’s tissues.”

Wilson urges parents to keep watch for the signs of dehydration or other heat-related conditions, such as dry, irritated, inflamed, itchy or sensitive skin, muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue, nausea or a lack of or dark urine. Parents should check the temperature of slides, swings and other playground equipment before allowing children wearing shorts or swimsuits to make contact with bare skin.

“Monitor children closely and make sure they get frequent fluids and periods in the shade or indoors,” Wilson said. “We want everyone to have fun and enjoy all our parks while being careful during extreme conditions.”

The National Weather Service forecast for this week has high temperatures in the mid-90s by this weekend and only slight chances of rain. Summer officially begins June 20.

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