Dolly Parton to Release a Children’s Book Next Year


The newest member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame will release a children’s book in 2023.

Dolly Parton announced a new picture book about her god-dog, Billy the Kid and there’s music involved.

The book tells the story of Billy the Kid, a dog who loves barking to the beat of country music and sets out to make it big as a country music star in Nashville. But when he encounters some bullies at the Battle of the Bow-wows, he must call on his favorite songs, and the help of some new friends, to regain his self-confidence and be the star he always knew he could be.

“I am so proud to bring this book and the message it conveys to life,” states Parton in a release. “Years back I wrote a song ‘Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny’ for my children’s album I Believe In You. I wanted kids to understand how harmful bullying can be to someone. When I launched the Doggy Parton line of pet products earlier this year, my god-dog Billy got to be the star of the show. Since he’s a big star now, I knew a story with him at the center could help drive home important messages in a unique way. I hope this is the first of many books with Billy.”

Release date for the book is set for April 25,2023. Dolly has also written two other children’s books-Coat Of Many Colors (1994) and I Am A Rainbow (2009).


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