Gunite Pools: Beauty, Longevity and Creativity


By Peek Pools and Spas

You’ve decided to build an in-ground pool. Where do you start? How do you choose the right material? There are so many options when it comes to material used to install your in-ground pool. You could use pre-fabricated materials, customized fiberglass, vinyl or gunite, a concrete blend that is second-to-none in pool building.

What is Gunite?

Gunite is sand, cement and water applied using a high-pressure hose that, when it cures, becomes rock hard and solid while still maintaining flexibility and durability for years.

How Is Gunite Installed?

Once the shape of your pool has been determined, land will be excavated and rebar (a reinforced network of steel bars) will be laid. The gunite is then sprayed. After it properly dries, a plaster coat is applied. This is the material you see and feel. The options for your plaster aesthetics are vast, allowing you to personalize the pool to your taste.

Why is Gunite a Great Choice?

When you start reviewing material options, gunite will not be the cheapest upfront investment. However, it could be the best choice in the long run. The durability and design versatility you get from the trio of steel, gunite and plaster are both unmatched by other materials like fiberglass and vinyl.

For beauty and creativity, gunite provides limitless possibilities, including elevated pools, freeform pools, vanishing edge pools, or whatever your imagination conjures up. Plus, gunite is sure to last.

Two things – that seem almost at odds with one another – are the primary factors that contribute to its longevity over other building materials:

  • Strength, the ability to withstand external force and still hold water, and
  • Flexibility, the ability to expand, contract and shift without cracking.

Keep in mind, the ground in which you installed your pool is not static. The dirt around your pool is constantly shifting in microscopic ways due to being exceptionally dry, overly wet, frozen or even subjected to undetected earthquakes. You want your pool to withstand all these unperceived underground changes without compromising the integrity of the pool. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with gunite.

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