Napster Relocates Global Corporate Headquarters to Nashville


NASHVILLE, TN – May 25, 2023 – Napster, the original music disruptor and longest-running independent music streaming service, announced today that it has moved its corporate headquarters to Nashville, TN becoming the first global media company to make its headquarters in Music City. The company hired CEO Jon Vlassopulos, a Nashville resident, late last year and has started actively recruiting employees locally. Napster will continue to hire both locally and globally as it works to build its next generation music service that will connect artists and fans in an unprecedented way, unlocking new creative and commercial opportunities. The company is on a mission to disrupt the music industry again by evolving the standard music access streaming model which will create a more compelling experience for fans and artists that is fun, rewarding, participatory, and social.

“My mother is from Kentucky and I have been coming to the Nashville area since I was a boy to visit relatives. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to move my family here from California,” said Napster CEO, Jon Vlassopulos. “I think Nashville is the most exciting city in America right now both culturally and economically. Looking at how the city of Nashville supports businesses, especially those involved in the music industry, the decision to move Napster’s headquarters here was a no-brainer. I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with the incoming Mayor, the city of Nashville, Launch Tennessee, local venture capital firms, colleagues within the music industry, and other start-ups that have also made Nashville their home.”

Commented Freddie O’Connell, Nashville District 19 council member and current Nashville mayoral candidate, “Welcome to Nashville, Napster! I’m excited you have chosen our beloved city, home to so much talent, culture, and creativity, as your new global headquarters. I look forward to working with Jon and the Napster team to ensure they flourish in Music City, USA, as we look to a 21st century definition of that identity.”

John Chadwick, Managing Partner at Claritas, one of Nashville’s top venture funds, commented, “As Napster looks to chart its next chapter and revolutionize the music industry once again, the company’s move to Nashville is an excellent decision. Here, they will have the financial resources, government support, and talent to build a platform that will compete on a global scale. It will bring new and innovative opportunities to artists and labels alike.”

Monique Villa, Chief Investment Officer of Launch Tennessee, commented, “Bringing Napster to Nashville reinforces Tennessee’s role as a formidable player in the innovation economy nationally. Launch Tennessee is committed to providing companies with the resources they need to embed themselves locally and make connections statewide, ultimately creating sustainable economic growth for decades to come.”

Napster currently has several job openings, both remote and Nashville based, in engineering, product marketing, and licensing/business development. For more information, please visit

Napster is the world’s longest running independent music streaming service, offering more than 100M tracks to its global subscribers and partners. With its roots dating back over 20 years, when it was the original music industry disruptor, Napster continues to create innovative technology and listening features that deliver the best music experience for music fans. Napster was acquired in April 2022 by some of the biggest investors in Web3, and is once again delivering innovation to the music industry by bringing Web3 technology into its existing global Web2 music service, unlocking new creative and commercial opportunities for artists and fans. With offices in London, Seattle, Paris, Munich, and Sao Paulo the company continues to partner with some of the top brands in the world including SFR, Telefonica, Sonos, Audacy, Univision, Aldi, Vivo, Rakuten, Huawei, RecoChoku, and more.

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