Things to Know About the Savannah Bananas

photo courtesy of Savanah Bananas

Circus-like baseball team The Savannah Bananas are headed to Nashville to play at First Horizon Park this weekend.

The popular team brings a new flair to baseball with a world tour this year. Going viral on TikTok for their unconventional game, here are a few things you might not know about the team.

  • They practice in what they call “Bananaland” in Savannah, Georgia. The team was founded in 2016.
  • While they play baseball, it’s called Banana Ball, a fast-paced game of baseball, combined with entertainment and fun.
  • In speaking with a team representative, they shared they won’t reveal a lot of what will happen in Nashville but expect at least 15 new things so the game is never the same.
  • Score keeping is a little different than a regular game. Teams tally points for innings won rather than runs scored.
  • The game is limited to two hours. No inning can start after the 1 hour 50-minute mark.
  • One interesting banana rule- If a fan catches a foul ball that lands in the stand, the batter is called out.
  • During a game, there will be cameo appearances from Major League stars but those are not revealed ahead of game day. In the past, Jake Peavy, Jonathan Papelbon, Jonny Gomes, Josh Reddick, Bill Lee and Johnny Bench all have made appearances.
  • The team has the Banana Nanas, a senior citizen dance team, and the Man-Nana’s, their Dad Bod Cheerleading Squad.
  • Each game starts with a Banana Baby, a baby dressed in a banana costume- think Lion King.

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