This Tennessee Town will Celebrate Two Classic Sitcoms

photo from Mayberry-I Love Lucy Days

This spring, the City of Granville, Tennessee, will celebrate two classic sitcoms with a festival.

On April 11-13, the festival is called Mayberry-I Love Lucy. The event will “reminisce about the best moments of your favorite episodes as the family members, tribute artists and actors entertain you.” Find all the details here.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Meet family members of the actors- Dixie Griffith, daughter of Andy Griffith, and Karen Knotts, daughter of Don Knotts will be on hand.
  • Children who performed on both shows will make an appearance.
  • A Lucy look-a-like contest will be held.

Tribute artists who are nationally recognized and perform all around the U.S. will join us to entertain you:

  • James Dodson as Andy Griffith

  • Dixie Griffith and Michelle Bryson as the Fun Girls

  • Terry Varvel as Barney

  • Allan Newsome as Floyd the Barber

  • Kenneth Junkin as Otis

  • Christie McClendon as Charlene

  • Bo Pierce as Briscoe

  • Joy Dodson as Nurse Mary

  • Chris Bauman as Gomer

  • Tim Pettigrew as Goober

  • Mike Haviland as Sgt. Carter

  • Eric Lowry as Mayberry Mayor Pike

  • One Way Out Band as the Darlings

  • Carrie and Jeff Ketterman as Luci and Desi

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