Wedding Trends: Micro v. Minimony v. Elopement


COVID , and finances, are making many couple re-think the wedding ceremony. Or, more importantly what is the most fiscally, feasible, happy way to tie the knot. Is it the 2021 trend of Micro Weddings? Or, 2020’s trending Minimony? Or just how about the old taboo way that has become the trend: Elopement.

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding, like its name suggests, will typically include a guest list of up to 50 guests—often immediate family and super-close friends only. Though tiny in guest count, a micro wedding differs from a minimony. As we see later in the article.

Now, less can mean more, as studies show while weddings are getting smaller, the costs are not as “macro weddings” are also starting to trend. Basically, you are spending the same you would on a large wedding, but with a smaller crowd, thereby, spending more for each guest. Meaning instead of stressing about how to get the food, alcohol under budget, you can top shelf and gourmet your way down the aisle, just with fewer people in attendance.


A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your loved ones, or sometimes just yourselves and the committment. It is defined as up to 10 people socially distanced. Usually, minimonies are a prequel to the an actual ceremony somewhere down the road, known as a “sequel wedding”. Why? There may be some states that question the legality of your minimony.

Let’s Just Elope

It used to be taboo in the South to use the “E” word. But, times have changed and elopement is making a comeback. Why? A couple of reasons: Less stress and it can be personalized. Many resorts across the U.S. now embrace the elopement ceremony and have special packages. To elope doesn’t mean you have to run to Vegas anymore. Check out places like  the Lodge at Blue Sky in Utah, which has its very own “Full Moon Ceremony.” Or, for those in the South, 30A Weddings.

In conclusion, the truth is, in the words of Bob Dylan: “The times they are a changin.” And traditional weddings , while always will be a part of the marriage tradition, are giving way to more personal experiences. Do your research. Preferably with your partner. Ane find our what best fits your mood and needs to make that special day, special for you both, not always everyone else.

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