Wildland Fire Hazard Mitigation Grants Available

Wildland Fire Hazard Mitigation Grants Available

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry (TDF) will be accepting grant applications for the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program beginning Aug. 9 and continuing through Sept. 10, 2021. Communities that have developed or are in the process of developing a Community Wildfire Prevention Plan (CWPP) will be eligible for funding to implement hazard mitigation assistance and education projects in their CWPP.

“Communities have an important role in wildland fire prevention,” State Forester David Arnold said. “Hazard Mitigation Grants provide an opportunity for neighborhoods to be safer from wildfire by funding outreach, education, emergency planning, and hazard mitigation activities such as fuel reduction through thinning and prescribed burning.”

TDF partnered with the Appalachian Resource Conservation and Development Council (ARCD) in the administration and management of the hazard mitigation assistance grant program. TDF reviews and approves all applications for grant assistance and makes recommendations to ARCD for approved community grant expenditures. Communities are required to sign an agreement with ARCD. ARCD provides guidelines for expenditures and reimbursement.

Last year, the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program provided $120,000 to assist 18 communities in Tennessee. Local leaders use that funding to develop and update their CWPPs, reduce hazardous and flammable vegetation, and facilitate best practices for Tennessee Fire Adapted Communities. Knowledge and engagement lessen the need for extensive protection actions and enable communities to safely accept fire as part of the surrounding landscape.

More information and the application for applying for a Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant can be found at www.tn.gov/tnwildlandfire/prevention/tennessee-fire-adapted-communities/community-fire-prevention-grants.html.

About the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry (TDF)

As Tennessee’s lead agency in wildland fire, the division’s Fire Management Unit works to minimize damage to forest resources and personal property while prioritizing firefighter and public safety. TDF prevents and suppresses wildfires, promotes hazard reduction activities, implements beneficial prescribed fire, and supports wildland fire training for volunteer fire departments and other wildland firefighters. The division supports interagency cooperation with local area fire departments, mutual aid partners, and civic leaders regarding wildland fire activity and hazard incident management. Visit www.tn.gov/agriculture/forests for more information.

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