Opening Day Excitement is Building…in Your Backyard!

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Opening day is coming! As you buy your peanuts and Cracker Jacks and prepare for sunny days watching baseball, don’t forget to schedule your pool’s opening day.

While many public pools open on Memorial Day, your private pool in the Nashville area can likely open in late April or early May. The average temperature in Nashville in May is 79 degrees, making it ideal weather to get the most out of your pool.

But given the anticipation around warm weather and the chance to open your backyard oasis, pool contractors get pretty busy this time of year. That’s why scheduling your pool opening early is essential. Make sure to keep in mind the maintenance that comes with your pool being open again once you decide to open your pool.

4 Benefits to an Early Opening Day for Your Pool

Tennessee is a great state for owning a pool because the weather is so temperate. Many pool owners find they can use outdoor pools from May through October. If you don’t know whether an early opening makes sense for your pool, review these benefits of getting on the schedule early.

1. Less Work to Balance Pool Chemicals and Clean Up

The longer your pool remains closed without regular maintenance, the longer it can take to balance the chemicals and circulate the water to the point where it is sparkling and looking great. Plus, if you have a heated pool, getting it warm enough to swim in will take several days.

As the outside temperature rises, it makes a hospitable environment for algae, meaning your closed pool will become harder to clean up once you do decide to open it.

2. You’ll Have More Time for Repairs

While you likely covered your pool in great shape at the end of last season, it might not look like that anymore. You might find broken parts, such as a pool pump requiring replacement. The sooner you replace broken parts, the less likely you are to miss prime swimming days. In some cases, finding the parts might be challenging, which can cause serious delays. Opening early allows you to get in front of any product shortages or shipping delays.

3. Less Wait Time and Optimal Scheduling

Opening your pool early means you won’t be behind everyone else in Nashville hoping to have a pool party for Memorial Day. And if you have specific days you work from home or that are more convenient for you to oversee your pool’s opening, you’ll have more selection now than you will later.

Know that Memorial Day is prime pool opening season, meaning the Peek Pools & Spas schedule is loaded with appointments to prepare pools for the season.

4. Never Miss a Swim Day

The most significant benefit of opening your pool early is that you won’t miss any swim days. When a warm day is in the forecast, you’ll have something to look forward to this spring. The earlier you open your pool, the more time you’ll get to enjoy it.

Even if you don’t swim when outside temps are in the low 70s, you can still get outside by the pool to enjoy looking at the sparkling water and your outdoor oasis.

5. Order Chemicals and Supplies While They Are in Stock

Stock up on chemicals, supplies, toys, and more before everyone else starts considering what they need for the swim season. The later in the spring it gets, you might struggle to find the materials you need and the supplies that make for a fun swimming season. Don’t wait to order what you need for a fun, rewarding swim season.

Preparing Your Pool for the Swim Season

Schedule your luxury swimming pool service to prepare for the season. Call Peek Pools & Spas now at 615-866-8800 or contact them online to ensure you aren’t waiting for opening day and missing out on beautiful swim weather.

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