Pharmacy Tech Turns Medicine Safety Caps into Inspiring Art

When she’s not working as a pharmacy technician at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown, Middle Tennessee native Allison Kennedy can be found making art from discarded medicine safety caps. You read that correctly! Allison, who has worked in the pharmacy for more than 5 years, realized one day that the multi-colored, multi-sized caps could be recycled into fun and cheerful mosaics. Because the caps are strictly designed to be single use, they cannot be safely reused between patients. Allison’s supervisor gave her permission to spare bagfuls of discarded caps from destruction so that she could take them home and let her creative juices flow.
“I hope my art conveys a message of hope, that good things can come from unexpected places. My art supplies literally are trash,” said Allison. “I also hope it serves as a physical representation of care for patients by staff behind the scenes. I do not do bedside care, I work in a clean room and rarely meet patients unless it is in the hallway to give directions. Every cap represents a medication prepared with care by staff the patient and their family will never meet.”
Allison says modestly that her husband Bill Kennedy, who makes his living creating commissioned pieces like pet and family portraits, is the “real artist” in the family. We’d argue that there are two creatives in the Kennedy household! Just take a look at Allison’s beautiful pieces below, some of which hang on the hospital walls to bring smiles to patients and colleagues.

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