Wilson County Fair and Tennessee State Fair To Share?

Photo from Wilson County Fairgrounds Facebook

UPDATE: 5/6/21 : Since the writing of this article the bill has been signed by Governor Lee

The Tennessee State Fair would move from its longtime home near downtown Nashville to Wilson County. The Tennessee House of Representatives approved the move 89-2 on April 22. The Tennessee Senate approved the move Monday, 30-0. All that is required now is Governor Lee’s signature, which is expected.

What does this mean for the Wilson County Fair. According to many sources it simply means this:

  • The Tennessee State Fair and The Wilson County Fair will remain separate yet the same.
  • Both will share the Wilson County Fairgrounds
  • Both will run during the same dates August 12-21, 2021.
  • Fairgrounds Nashville is about 117 acres, The James E. Ward Ag Center, home of the Wilson County Fair, is 267 acres. Attendance at the Tennessee State Fair in 2019 was 105,148; the 2019 Wilson County Fair reported an attendance figure of nearly 580,000.
  • The Tennessee State Fair will be totally separate from the Wilson County Fair
  • Wilson County and Wilson County Promotions will receive $5 million in the first year of the merger, according to the legislation. The money will be used for infrastructure.


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